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Written in english · 22. oktober 2023
Connect to the unknown and dive deep inside of you. What is your subconscious?
Written in english · 13. augustus 2023
Why do they not talk in the bible over the divine feminine?

Written in english · 09. augustus 2023
The mind has learned to memorize..
Written in english · 05. augustus 2023
in this society...

Written in english · 31. juli 2023
Attachments are feeding of of you..
Written in english · 24. juli 2023
your life is your responsibility..

Written in english · 23. juli 2023
A mental awakening versus the real awakening..
Written in english · 14. juli 2023
nothing is external and everything is found within.. Where are you looking for?

Written in english · 11. juli 2022
What is waking up exactly? Wat do you understand about waking up? You’ll shift from 3D to 5D those reality’s live next to ech other. You can see the 3D but if you are in the good train it doesn’t effect you. You can look if it’s a play and you are just a part of that play but none of it is real. That’s a shift in reality. (For people who do not know anything about 3D or any other D's, it is almost impossible to understand this). Awakening is an ongoing process. You also wake up in the...
Written in english · 10. juli 2022
Your body is always in communication with you, all of the pains, issues, illnesses and diseases that you are holding on to in your body, it is all energy. It's enery usually of trauma but it is energy and it's communicating with you, through you and to you, so that you pay attention to it, start listening to it. Ask that energy what it is so you can do the work to release said energy.. What can that energy might be saying to you... Gut and digestion issues are often directly tied to your...

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