In this society men are programmed to look at all woman instead of protecting the one they love and make her feel save. Woman think they have to compete with every other woman and hate their own body’s because they don’t feel save, love and proteced. Woman always fear if their man find someone more beautiful and better than them. Their own man doesn’t make them feel special or let them feel that they are the one for them. With that competing that drives everybody apart, wear woman the wound of insecurety, not feeling worthy and enough. They rather hang out with men because they know all men are looking at them even if it’s shallow.. it’s what she will take to feel a bit of being seen and so she can not commit to the one she loves, because the one she loves doesn’t make her feel seen and the ones who belongs to other woman make her feel like they want her. 


Can you see how fucked up the programming is?? Work on your wounds and heal them, because we are all one and the man who worked on his wounds to, doesn’t chase or invest in other woman.. he only have eyes for the one he loves and make her feel save. He will make her feel loved and wanted, because he will protect her heart. He loves her and he doesn’t spend his time to make other woman feel seen or special instead he makes his own woman feel seen and special, because by hurting her, it feels like hurting himself. 

This is also the other way around.. A woman that heal her core wounds by not felling worthy or enough will not ever take and accept less than she deserves. She will choose herself and feel save within herself because she knows that happiness is right inside of her. 

She will not accept flakey behavior and will not step over her boundaries to make somebody else happy. When she is secure in herself, she will only accept a man who makes her feel secure.. when that feeling doesn't feel right, she will always choose herself. She can only nurture a man and let him lead when she knows he can lead. 


It is for both man and woman so important to work on themselves so you can love each other sincerly and not from a wounded perspective.


Someone can only love you as deep as they love themselves. Not to hold on and choke each other, but to let go and know you can built up on each other. You are each others peace and not their problem. 


When you want to change somebody, it isn't love.. It is fixing and when you want to fix somebody or change their behavior, they don't resonate with you and it's for you to let go of that part inside of you and choose you. Things will only change when you change something inside of you. When you love yourself to the fullest, there is no one or nothing that can drag you down, because whatever happens you will always feel at peace in yourself. 

When you are secure in yourself the outer circumstances doesn't matter, you know everything happens for a reason. You have to be so confident in yourself and trust gods plan that whatever happens you will always know it brings you to a higher level and a higher state of being. It brings you better things, because your soul brings you to your highest potential. The only thing you need to do is listen to your heart and open your awarenes by being present.


When your corewounds are healed, you know exactly who you are and your ego is aligned with your heart. You don't project anymore, because you are in acceptance, without stepping over your boundaries. you'll take your power back and know all is you, it's your reality and you can change that reality at any moment. Everything is up to you.


Know your worth and never setlle for less.

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