The mind

The mind has learned to memorize..

Overthinking thoughts are memorised past expierences that aren’t real and keep you in a loop. That’s why school systems are build to teach you to memorize.

So you give your brain attention and you live from your brain and not from your heart.

When you learn to be and observe your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you’ll become aware you are consiousness and that consiousness can create with the mind.

The mind can memorize but it’s not built to live from your memories..

you are ment to live from your presence in the present moment.

Be here.


Even mindcontrole from somebody else isn’t real. It’s all you. 

You controle your own mind by controlling what you allow in.

When you are in the present moment nothing or nobody controles you.

It’s just a illusion.

You let it controle you or not by how much energy and thoughts you give it.

When you give it much thoughts and energy it will manifest into your life. 


Remember you are in controle of your whole life.

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