If you tell someone you feel a certain way about something.. you told them how it made you feel, what you experienced and they make it seem like it’s not that bad or make it seem like it’s your own fault... walk away, they try to put their responsibility on to you! It’s toxic. Someone who truly loves you and value you is there for you, hold space for what you are saying and take their responsibility. 


if someone took their own responsibility... they would never make you feel like you are the problem.


Do not even explain to them anymore that they don’t take their responsibility, instead take your own responsibility and walk away. Someone who treat you like that, does not deserve to be a part of your life. It’s your responsibility who you allow into your life. Who you allow in to your space. It’s not your responsibility how they treat you, but if they don’t listen the first time in what you say, it’s your responsibility what you do with it.. do you react toxic? Explain? Or do you listen to yourself? Honor yourself? Know your worth and just walk away? 


When you know it is a pattern, it’s not a pattern anymore.. it’s a choice.

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    Me (maandag, 06 november 2023 23:27)

    Listening to you.
    I’m sorry
    Please forgive me
    I forgive you
    Thank you
    I love you �