The moon, the subconscious

Abundance, money or whatever is just like water. You, your body exist out of water and the moon controls the water… the moon is all about the things we don’t see.. The moon is feminine, it are the feelings. When we allow our selves to feel what we don’t see, we allow our selves to heal. We become the moon because you’ll become aware of the unknown parts of you that did controle you once. Once you allow yourself to feel and have room for those feelings to be, you are free and the water is going to vibrate differently. The vibration is changing to love and this is going to flow. Once the frequency is on the vibration of love you will flow in abundance.


Your emotions are connected to your subconscious mind. The parts of you that you are not aware of, you can become aware of when you allow your mind and ego to rest, so you allow your body to feel. Sometimes when you are so much in stress and in fight or flight mode you pushed your feelings so far away or when something did hurt you so much you have built so many layers of ego that you don't even feel at all anymore. when that happens you did train your body in so much distraction you can't even feel your feelings anymore and you are numb. That suppressed wounding (emotions) causes physical illness. 


Full moons have an effect on your emotions and they pull even more stuff to the surface for you to heal. 

Each full moon is in a different zodiacsign and with the planets they all have another effect on what can come up. Best thing is to be gentle with yourself and tell yourself is oke to feel, so you can use the beautiful moon energy for you. Connect with it and connect with your innerself. 


Where is the current sea?

it’s right inside of you floating on the controle of the moon in the abundance we call feelings.

Is your current sea floating on love and do you allow yourself to feel?

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