Sometimes you keep looking and looking for who you are.. but who you are is not to be found out there. It’s found within. 


You are who you are and there is nothing to be found. It’s to go deep within yourself and unravel all those parts of you. There where you unravel you’ll find your heart. It’s not lost it always was there already. You were just blocked to let it shine through. Do you love yourself? Can you sit with yourself? Can you hold yourself? Can you feel the warmth from your heart flowing through your body just for you? Do you see your value? Do you respect yourself and your emotions, feelings and every part of your human expierence? 


Never but never forget who you are isn’t lost, it’s right inside of you. Don’t be affraid to feel and express yourself. You are loved, worthy and enough. Always and always. Drop into your heartspace babe, because you deserve to recieve the greatest love of your life and that is you!


When you can’t trust, think about this for a moment...

How was your trust broken in the first place???

Isn’t it because you didn’t listen to yourself?

Isn't it because you didn’t trust yourself?

Were you too wounded to not listen to yourself and made it happen anyway while your feelings already were saying it isn’t right?

When it’s right it feels right. When it isn’t right it feels not right.


Trust yourself in what you feel.


When you take life so seriously and you can not laugh, you are feeling so heavy.

Start laughing and enjoying it. Start listening to yourself.

When you are so desperate to feel loved and you are feeling heavy, it's because you are doing everything from the wound to feel loved. 


Being happy isn't scary.. you think it is, but what happens when you truly allow yourself to be happy? Are you affraid to let someone else down? Are you affraid to lose it once you feel happy? Or is your mind keep telling you 'you aren't worthy'? Do you think it's to good to be true?

Nobody can take your happiness from you, it's yours if you choose to have it.


Happiness is a choice.

It's also not to be found out there, it's right inside of you.


Start loving yourself and you are free! Enjoy your precious loving and fun life!

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