Your body is always in communication with you, all of the pains, issues, illnesses and diseases that you are holding on to in your body, it is all energy.

It's enery usually of trauma but it is energy and it's communicating with you, through you and to you, so that you pay attention to it, start listening to it. 

Ask that energy what it is so you can do the work to release said energy..


What can that energy might be saying to you... 


Gut and digestion issues are often directly tied to your feelings around selfworth.

stomac issues can also be related to anxiety and worry. 


if you are not listening to what your body is telling you, you are suppressing it and the more you suppres it, the worse your issues are going to get. 


Emotions and feelings are there to feel. Emotions are energy in motion and if you suppres al those emotions, you keep it stuck in to your body. When you feel it, you are healing it.

allow the emotion to go through your body and release it. 


Trust yourself and your own inner guidens


'Know that the power of Awareness lies in each person, which is the biggest trump card we own'

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