The divine feminine and masculine

Why do they not talk in the bible over the divine feminine?


The mother. 

The mother creates all life and created the divine masculine. They are both powerful. The divine feminine let the divine masculine lead and she nutures him. He protects and provides. When they are together they are powerful not only together but also in their own, because they are complete on their own and have full respect and love for one and other.


With programming, porn and things like feminisme they try to seperate man and woman.

With feminisme man are pushed away because the feminine step into their masculine energy. A society with weak man is easy to manipulate. That’s what they want. When a man ejaculates he gets tired right after.. that’s because in that moment his body is in full potential and gives the best of him because he thinks you going to create life. He is Made to give the best and protect the divine feminine. When he ejaculates he gives away his life force and when he does that with porn he gives it away to lust. It weakens the man and keep them addicted and enslaved and that’s exactly what they want to seperate the man from the woman.


What they don’t want you to know is that you can transmute your sexual energy to manifast anything you want!


The divine feminine can tap into the divine masculine within her as well and she is the source. The same is for the divine masculine only the difrence is that the divine masculine comes from the divine feminine but they are both powerful. You don’t want to mess with them.

When the divine feminine created the divine masculine she stept back and told them to create everything and she gave them the rule of the great leader, the great provider and the great protector.


It takes the divine feminine to create and that’s what the Gods use to create everything you can see and don’t.


The divine feminine is very powerful and yet she is submissive. The more submissive she gets the more the power of her man increases. There must be respect between the 2 otherwise there is trouble.


The divine feminine is a little bit more advanced than the divine masculine.

If you have a boy and a girl at the same age.. you’ll see that the girl looks smarter and furter than the boy and that’s not by coinsidence, it’s just the way it is. The divine masculine is the leader and the divine feminine nourish the leader. The more respectful and submissive she is, the more stronger and dominant her man wil be. This is the reason why they want to seperate the two and they promoting feminisme into the society.



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