What is waking up exactly

What is waking up exactly? Wat do you understand about waking up? 


You’ll shift from 3D to 5D those reality’s live next to ech other. You can see the 3D but if you are in the good train it doesn’t effect you. 

You can look if it’s a play and you are just a part of that play but none of it is real. 

That’s a shift in reality. (For people who do not know anything about 3D or any other D's, it is almost impossible to understand this). Awakening is an ongoing process.


You also wake up in the reality of self. Everything you think, or do is fake and not real, its based on lies and what you’ve been aangeleerd (your mind is playing over and over again the same shit, protecting yourself from the same shit and attracting the same shit, only if your mind is getting positive your play is getting a bit more positive because you grow, only you still play the same routine) waking up from yourself is seeing your part of life what the situations where we’re you where in to, why happened what happened, what did it try to tell you and why did you act like you act. 


You attract situations and people who are trying to wake you up and teach you something, it’s up to you to see what they show you and how you act tells a lot about what you need to learn. Inside everybody is every answer.


You cannot find who you are outside of you, you can only see what people are showing you and that’s a reflection of your inside and where you need to break free from. 


Once you start to see your own patterns, think what you think an why you think it and understand it is all unreal and that’s the same with your actions, because you’ll begin to understand why you act like you act and feel what you feel.. 


Waking up is being conscious about the world and see what is happening, but it’s also seeing yourself and seeing yourself do what your been programmed to do and break free of that.


Once you’ll understand that all is one and you’ll find out your purpose in life. Because you’ll be getting to know the real you. Waking up is just like stop dreaming!


You are not coming here for others of for each other, you are coming here for your deeds. What are you sending out in this world? You are ment to wake up, shift and see the whole reality. Your actions and words have an effect on everything and everybody. 


You are not better or worse, not good nor bad, you are pure awareness created out of love and light from god, that’s why god is inside everyone only the people who are ment to live earth lives sometimes are so stuck in their karma and they need to understand why they are here. 

Not everybody is here for the same reason. Everybody lives their own purpose. 


It’s not up to one of us to judge because you don’t know why somebody is living the life they live. 

For everybody it’s different, your only job is to live your own purpose. to see who belongs in your life, who to let go of, what gets your energy, because it’s not for everybody or everything. The matrix heeft je geleerd om aan te passen, dat je moet werken voor geld, goed en slecht bla bla bla, controle, fear, but it doesn’t exist, it only exist because you’ve been programmed to believe it exist and what you believe becomes a reality. 


Everything is not real! Not even your own thinking! It’s looks real but it’s not, those are al projections and perceptions. 


For me when I speak for me, I only live this life time on this earth om mijn purpose te vervullen. My purpose is to write and teach people who are attracted to my writing. I’m here to speak who ever needs to hear me speak. I’m here to speak my truth but not to judge somebody else their truth. Who is aligned with me is welcome in my life but only if they belong there. Not to hold on to but to let go of everybody and everything. I’m here to experience and feel everything I need to feel so I can heal it. I’m born in the line where I needed to be born in, alles wat ik tot nu toe heb meegemaakt, iedere ervaring, ieder woord dat iemand tegen mij heeft gesproken heeft mij de wijsheid gegeven die ik nu heb en me terug gebracht naar mij. Every day I learn more things about myself and all there is. 


Waking up is stepping out of all the repeating circles in the projection of life on earth and the ego that you’ll have when you are human. Everything is ego, when you want is ego, when you need is ego, when you think it’s ego and the ego is not bad it’s a part of your human life, but it’s not who you really are. Who you are in this life time is only a fraction of what and who you really are. Also the ego is keeping up the overlevingsmechanismen die je hebt gecreëerd in je leven. Het ego wil namelijk beschermen en goed zijn.


Life on earth is only created to experience and feel, waking up to 5D consciousness helps humans to get out of their karma, to heal their karma en to become aware of what they created the many lifetimes they lived on earth. They created manipulative world who is destroying and everybody in other dimensions are watching what they did. The beings from other dimensions are not allowed to ingrijpen, omdat aarde de enige planeet is waar vrije wil bestaat. That’s why we are here and a lot with us so they not destroy the planet and the planet and humans become aware. Wij mogen niet fixen of ingrijpen omdat er vrije wil is mogen we niet oordelen of ons opdringen, ook geen controle hebben. Wij horen te accepteren dat een ieder is wie hij of zij is en wij mogen ons zelf zijn, onze grenzen aangeven en onze waarheid spreken of dat goed of slecht triggered bij iemand is niet aan ons, zolang we een ieder in waarde laten en begrijpen dat wij niet hoeven te weten waarom ze niet wakker worden. Laat het leven een ieder leren die niet wil luisteren zonder oordeel. Je hebt het recht om jezelf te zijn en te zeggen wat je hoort te zeggen. Niet om wat iemand van jou wil horen, maar wat ze nodig hebben te horen. By opening awareness and spreading love the the world is already in a split only the 3D and 5D can still see each other and we can still go up and down in to those reality’s but it’s not staying like this.  5D is where everybody is going sooner or later and if 3D it wil not exist anymore. We are here to shift in 5D be the loving beings we are not where not supposed to create karma or stay in 3D or believe all the bullshit and projections, we are here to be us! Without judgements, to love all what is.


'Know that the power of Awareness lies in each person, which is the biggest trump card we own'

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