One only wins when they know who they are... It starts with knowing (not believing) that every human is a soul.. (a true soul ) which entered the body created by parents on the date of birth!


This 2gether = human. Knowing you are a soul from a different dimension in a body of earth makes you a magical living being.


When knowing this, do you really want to keep living the fearful life you lead? Were you born to live that way? The answer is NO! You came to earth to enjoy living things and your true task is to help people in ways possible in your life. When you help other souls (humans) you receive lots of luck and love from others (help is not meaning helping someone with money... money is a negative manipulating thing).


Help is help from your heart without expecting 1% back from the soul who needed help. So stop seeing yourself as a person in the negative life you lead, but laugh about the fact that you believe the fiction you so called live in.... it's theater! You are a true soul in a human body... You have the power to change in a snap of a finger... If you know what you truely are!


A human is a magical energie (soul) from another dimension whom entered the earthly body to walk this world. This means that every human is a god-like being which we have not been taught about in schools or by our parents pure because the onbewuste (school/parents) human doesn't or didn't know this. We can't see this truth about us. But we do believe that when our time is there, our soul goes to another world. This only because all beliefs state that....and the onbewuste human who can believe that never asked himself but if i believe my soul will leave my body and go up to heaven it must mean it also came into my body.


Yes...the magical energy entered the body on the day you were born. Throughout our whole lives we learn and absorb soo00 much information and daily stress that it has made the human forget the wonders of him/herself. Instead of doing what we came for on earth, we tend to believe the theater on the planet and onbewust choose to live the rules of the theater.


We create stress in our given new set of brains throughout time and believe in happiness coming out of having money and material and we just forget how bad greed is which takes over love which we we have so much of to share with other magical energies in earthly bodies.


Open your eyes and feel that you do NOT have any problems...you should obey universal laws but pittyfully you have forgotten those laws and you fell into obeying earth rules.


Universal laws is love for yourself and for another magical energy in earthly bodies.

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