Narcissist were just on your path because you had to learn somethimg from them.

They are just simply a mirror for a deep wounding and anger inside of you.

your inside world attracts your outside world to you.When you become aware of the wounds inside yourself, you can work on those and let go. you will grow and become powerful.

There is so much wisdom in what you have been going trough. Take the wisdom and leave the rest, because you are not your past and you are living right now in this moment!

This moment is magical when you are fully present in this moment.

Everything brings you back to the love and power right in yourself. When you can give yourself all the love you deserve (when you see you deserve all the love in the world and so much more than that) you attract people like that into your life. You deserve the best life ever! 

You are the only one who can give yourself that kind of life by connecting with yourself and loving yourself to the fullest. 

You are your best friend, your best lover and you know what is the best for you. 

When you connect with yourself and doing what is best for you, you'll get the best life ever because you are going to live on what your soul is telling you to do. 

Ypu are here for a reason and your soul knows everything.

Ypur body and ego are disigned for your life, just wake up, open your awareness, groumd yourself and connect with yourself. 


Your life can be so amazing!!! Focus on you and be present.

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