Divine feminine and divine masculin

Everyone has a mix of 2 energies in them, namely feminine and masculine. a woman has more feminine energy and a man has more masculine energy. Each of us has both energies in us so we can live our life to the fullest.


The women who are truly in their divine feminine will recieve very little validation from men, because when you are truly in your divine feminine, it means that you are in your power, that you are connected to your truth , that you have standerds, that you protect yourself with your inner masculine, so you can stay in your inner feminine. It means that you do not tolerate too much. It means that you are not in this co-dependent state and that you are going to speak up for yourself.


You are really connected to yourself, your intuition and you are going to validate yourself and speak on it. A lot of the current society and culture of men take from woman who are disconnected from their divine feminine. That means that they are not truly know their power, they do not truly speak their truth, they deny themselves, they mask, that's not the divine feminine. Those are the wounded feminine gaining validation from dusty men. A woman in her divine feminine does not look for validation from men, her validation is sourced from within, so from that space she is in a empowered space to live in her life, to date, because she is totaly comfortable on her own, she can say no to all low quality experiences, she can speak up for herself, she can set boundaries, that's the divine feminine


The divine feminine has also another side, she can surrendering and is soft, she is really in her recieving energy, however to be in that space with a man and with yourself you must feel emotionaly safe and protected. If a man does not make you feel emotionaly safe and protected, you will not be able to be in your true feminine space. What a lot of women do, (and you have to make yourself feel safe and protected, or you will not be able to be in your divine feminine) is that they dont feel safe with their man, but they still want to be in their feminine, so they deny themselves and they betray themselves, abandon themselves for a man's aproval. So to actualy be in your feminine you have to decentre men and remove them from the pedestal. As putting men on a pedestal and centering them in your life keeps you disconnected from your femininety, because you are outsourcing and looking for validation from them. This is what wounded women do. Woman who are validated in themselves, to source their power from them selves, do not put men on pedestals, they do not perform for men, they do not try to gain the aproval of men.


Men who are in their power will actualy desire woman in their power, only wounded men desire woman who are also wounded, who are searching for their validation outside of themselves and who put those wounded men on a pedestal so they never have to hold themselves accountable and focus on themself!


Actually men who are in their power want woman who are in their power, woman who are connected to their truth, who can speak from a space of power, who can be soft, because they actualy trust themselves to protect themselves. Any woman who has not yet removed men from the pedestal and have not yet decentred men from their life and sourced her validation from within, is not in her divine feminine.


'Know that the power of Awareness lies in each person, which is the biggest trump card we own'

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